You are never enough! Body Goals and Toxic beauty standards

If you feel like you are never enough when it comes to body beauty standards, you are not alone. The pressure to achieve that perfect size can take a toll and affect your self esteem and mental health if you let it. Television, social media and magazines constantly remind us of what’s considered beautiful. They remind us of our short comings. Diet culture, plastic surgery trends and the ever evolving exercise craze are consistently thrown in our faces. Constant reminders of these unachievable body goals can take a toll. However, always keep in mind… Not everything you see is real. In a world where ‘fake’ is the norm, remind yourself often of what is real!!!!

About the video – all about beauty standards

Beauty standards differ all around the world. As a result, what is perceived to be ugly in one part of the world is considered beautiful in another part. If you try to keep up with these beauty standards, you might find it to be difficult, if not impossible. After all, trends constantly change. A few years back, lip implants and lip filler were all the rage. At the present time, he BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) has taken over. Who knows what the trend will be in a few years from now.

All in all, the pressure to meet unattainable beauty standards can be dangerous. Think about it… What do you do when you’ve changed your body with surgeries to look a certain way. Then after a while, new ideals are presented and you have to reassess your surgeries to try to meet the new beauty standards. It’s a vicious cycle that can seriously take a toll.

Celebrity Culture and it’s Toxic Influence

Celebrity culture only emphasizes beauty standards. Look at pictures of your favorite singers and actors. They look perfect and almost non-human. Perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect bodies, perfect everything. Perception is really deceptive because things like photoshop, filters and editing are not disclosed. Photos of celebrities are often heavily altered, yet there is never a disclosure stating this. Therefore, readers are left to think that what they see is real.

Initially, I hope this video opens your eye about what’s real and what’s fake. Secondly, I hope your realize that you are beautiful just the way you are.

Tip: If you want to look better, don’t resort to extreme measures. Instead, follow some easy tips and tricks to instantly look better. For some tips and trick, check out my blog post on easy methods you can use.

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How do you feel about impossible beauty standards being thrown in our faces? Do you feel like it affects your life or mental wellbeing? Sound off below.

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