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Hey there lash lovers! Are you tired of your lashes playing hide and seek, or worse, barely making an appearance? Well, buckle up because I’ve got the ultimate lash hack that’s about to change your beauty game forever! Say goodbye to sparse, straight, or barely-there lashes because I’ve discovered a game-changer that’s super easy, lightning quick, and guaranteed to get you many compliments.

If you’ve been following my socials or hanging out in the Kimberly Worldwide universe, you know I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest lash tricks. And guess what? I’ve stumbled upon something absolutely fabulous: Kiss Press On Lashes! Get ready to dive into this lash-tastic journey with me because I’m about to spill all the deets and have you batting those lashes like never before. Trust me, your friends won’t know what hit ’em! So get cozy, get excited, and let’s make those lashes pop! Thank me later, gorgeous!

Watch the Press-On Lashes on YouTube

If you want to see the Kiss Impress Press-On Lashes in action, make sure to check out the Kimberly Worldwide YouTube video. The video includes a full demo from beginning to end showing how to apply the lashes. Some useful tips are also included in case you want to try the lashes yourself. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

Traditional false lashes vs. press-on lashes

Here’s a quick false lash 101 comparing traditional falsies to press-on lashes. It’s not a secret that the struggle with traditional false lashes has always been the adhesive and the exposed lash band. Let’s see how we can resolve these issues.

The adhesive dilemma

It gets messy and the adhesive can get stuck on your natural lashes, lash line and tweezers. If you’re new at applying falsies, the adhesive will most likely get smudged on your eyelids too and in your natural and false lashes. Yes, I’ve been there done that — We all start somewhere. Even after applying the lashes, upon removing them, you’ll find that now you have to remove the adhesive residue from your skin and natural lashes. This can get quite tedious. I always end up finding glue residue still stuck in my lashes the next day. To top it off, if you want to re-use the falsies in future, you also have to remove the glue residue off the lash band — sounds like lots of cleaning doesn’t it?

Press On Lashes — Adhesive is not needed for press on lashes. So those tacky days of messing with adhesive are over! Press on lashes have a built-in adhesive strip that easily adheres to your lash line and lashes. An easy way to think of it, is imagining a sticker — you just stick it to where every you want it to sit. Upon removing the press on lashes, there is no sticky residue on your lash line or natural lashes to remove. Also, there is no glue residue to remove from the press on lash itself. You can pop it right back into the case and re-use it in future.

The Lash Band Drama

Hiding that annoying lash band becomes the second challenge after you finally got your false lash to stick with the adhesive. Traditional false lashes often have a dark lash band. Usually, the more glamorous and heavy the lashes are, the thicker and more visible the lash band is. Hiding this band requires makeup, usually in the form of eyeliner. You might wonder — Can I wear false lashes without wearing makeup or eyeliner? The answer is “no, not if you want the falsie to look like a semi-natural lash.” False lashes are not an option if you don’t wear makeup, because the lash band would be visible. Even the more modest lashes that have clear lash bands still require covering with makeup, because the band is still visible and reflects light although it’s transparent.

Press On Lashes — Kiss that lash band goodbye! These lashes are applied below your natural lashes, eliminating exposure of an annoying lash band. You can pop them on without wearing makeup and no one will ever be able to determine whether those lashes are your own or not, because there’s no lash band exposed.

How to Apply Press-On False Lashes

The steps to apply press-on lashes are super simple:

  1. Curl your lashes
  2. Apply mascara to your natural lashes (completely optional). This will help them blend better with the falsies.
  3. Remove a lash cluster from the package using tweezers.
  4. Place the cluster underneath your natural lash ensuring the adhesive adheres to the root of your lashes.
  5. Press the false cluster onto your natural lashes using tweezers or your fingers to secure the bond.
  6. Apply several more clusters to achieve your desired look.

How to Remove Press-On False Lashes

Removing the false lash clusters is also super simple:

  1. Gently tug on a cluster till the bond lets go from your natural lash.
  2. Grasp the cluster at its base and remove it.
  3. Place the cluster back in the package for future use and to prevent them from getting all over the place.


The Kiss Impress Pop-On false lashes are absolutely a hit in the Kimberly Worldwide universe! After years of messing around with traditional lashes, trying magnetic lashes and glue-on clusters, these fabulashtic lashes are the answer to all lash lovers’ questions. No glue, no lash band — no hassle. We rate them a 9 out of 10. You might wonder, “Why not give them 10 out of 10 if they’re so great?”. Well, the only reason for the minus 1 point, is for the mess they have the potential of making if not properly returned into their original packaging.

Have you tried these lashes? Do you want to try these lashes? Sound off below. Sharing is caring!


  1. Stephanie says:

    I’ve wanted to try press on lashes for some time now but didn’t know where to start. This article is most helpful and even a beginner like me can follow it – and have stunning lashes!

    1. Yes, these lashes are definitely beginner-friendly. When you have them on however, you definitely won’t look like a lash-newbie tho LOL

  2. I love that I don’t have to use glue for these! I was never able to master those suckers. I can’t wait to try these!

  3. I love finding a good lash extension! These look like such a great product and I’ll definitely have to give them a try myself for my cousin’s wedding later this month!

    1. For special events, I don’t think I’ll reach for regular strip lashes again. They always have issues where the corners don’t stick and they’re super visible. This is such a great solution if I say so myself. Your will love them. Enjoy the wedding.

  4. What a nice product. I’m sure a lot of ladies would love to use this to enhance their looks.

    1. My wife once jokingly told me that false lashes are a mystery to her because she has no idea about how to put them on. I guess your post will be helpful to her since they don’t use glue.

  5. I’ve always been fascinated by how much effort women go through for makeup. I’m a photographer, so I often got watch a model apply their makeup. It was interesting. They took hours sometimes.

  6. Very interesting, this will help people who want to use eye lashes. I’m sharing with one of my friends as she love to use them a lot. Thank you!

    1. Your fried is going to be so happy you told her. Yay!

  7. Gervin Khan says:

    I have never tried to use false eyelashes, one of the reasons was it was so hard to apply. Gladly that there is an available brand that is so beautiful and easy to apply.

    1. I know what you mean. This no-glue method makes life so much easier. I now actually don’t mind wearing lashes. LOL

  8. I found that the adhesive used to be too sticky. I have tried magnetic lashes before but these press on ones also sound like a really great option, I love the fact you do not need to use lash glue!

  9. Perfect idea for beginners and busy mothers like me. I barely have time to do my makeup or mascara properly.

  10. Stephanie says:

    I think even I could do this! The lashes look natural and I like the fact I don’t have to use glue around my eyes.

  11. I have used false lashes in the past and love the no glue option of these, I have tried the magnetic lashes also which have worked. Will have to try the press on ones next time I wear them

    1. I didn’t like the magnetic lashes. I just couldn’t get them to stay put. You’ll love these press-ons though. They are effortless and easy.

  12. I am always a bit curious about putting glue right by my eyes, but the idea of having a no-glue method sounds so much better. It’s neat to hear they are so much easier to use.

  13. karen says:

    I never tried press on lashes, I’ve always thought the process is complicated. I love your guide! I will try this brand. Super excited about it.

  14. Lisa says:

    Ooh I need to try these! I have very short lashes so I think these could help me. the no-glue method is another big selling point!

  15. Tammy says:

    Press on sounds a lot easier. I hate the glue…I find it impossible to apply and even worse to take off. Thanks so for sharing about this!

  16. Melanie E says:

    My daughters like to wear false lashes but I think they are normally applied with glue. I must suggest these to them as they sound like a far easier alternative. I’m glad you were impressed by them.

    1. Your daughters will love these. I don’t know anyone who enjoys messing with lash glue. These are like a breath of fresh air. So happy I found these 😉

  17. Cindy says:

    I’ve been considering false lashes, but I’m a bit intimidated. Your tips make it seem much more approachable. Thank you!

  18. I have never used false eyelashes. I am too scared to glue anything on my lashes. Glad to know that there is a brand that is so easy and safe to apply.

  19. This is nice! I haven’t really tried using press-on lashes but I would love to try. It’s cool that its reusable too.

    Thank you for sharing this and the tips on how to apply it.

    1. Thank you for stopping by the blog. So glad you liked it.

  20. I don’t use false lashes because I am too nervous about glues. This sounds much more something up my alley. These sound so easy to use.

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