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The saying “You don’t know what you had, until it’s gone” comes to mind instantly as I think of my first-time lash lift attempt. See, as I’m writing this and by the time you’re reading this, my once beautifully lifted lashes have drooped back to their super straight, stubborn, down-pointing selves. I’m reminded of this every time I look in the mirror and attempt to curl them into submission. Needless to say, I’m seriously ready for round two of my DIY lash lift.

If your lashes could use a little pick me up, keep reading. I will spill the beans on what to expect when you do a lash lift at home. Not just the immediate aftermath, but also the weeks after that no one tells you about. I also include some helpful tips that will help make your first lash lift a lot easier. You know I don’t hold back, so get ready for the ride — it’s going to be a wild one!

Which Lash Lift Kit to Choose

Let’s chat about picking the perfect lash lift kit! So, when I was diving into the exciting world of lash lifts, I stumbled upon the Luxe Cosmetics Lash Lift Kit. After some digging, checking out reviews, and binge-watching before and after pics and vids, I thought, ‘Why not?’ This kit is like a treasure chest – it’s got all these cute little packets of magic lotion that let you lift your lashes multiple times. And get this, it’s a steal compared to dropping a hundred bucks at a salon! Score!”

The DIY Lash Lift Step-by-Step

The instruction manual that comes with the lash lift kit gives a complete step-by-step tutorial on the lash lifting process. It’s like having your own personal lash lift coach right by your side. Another convenience, is that the lotion packages have the numbers of the steps on them, making it difficult to go wrong there. Keep in mind, before even starting your lash lift, make sure your lashes and eyelids are clean and free of any products or oils. You can even use a baby shampoo to ensure lashes are clean.

Step 1 – Choose the right size lash Pad

Choosing the right size lash pad is like choosing the perfect pillow for your lashes to rest on while they get their beauty sleep. In your kit, you’ll find pads of different thicknesses – think thin, medium, and thick. Here’s the scoop: the thicker the pad, the more intense the curl. So, consider the length of your lashes and the kind of curl you’re aiming for. For my debut lash lift, I went all-in with the M-curl pad because I was craving some serious drama. And boy, did I get it – buckle up for the rest of the story!

Step 2 – Adhere the lash pad to your upper eyelid

This is where it gets tricky, and in my case highly frustrating. Needless to say, this is my least favorite step of the entire lash lifting process. The lash pads that come in the Luxe Lash Lift Kit have a protective film that you peel away to reveal a sticker-like backing. You’re supposed to stick this to you upper eyelid. The problem…. The sticky backing is not sticky enough and the lash pad won’t sufficiently stick to the eyelid. The pad just barely sticks to your eyelid. My tip here is to apply some of the adhesive that’s in the kit to the back of the silicone pad to try to hold it in place a bit better. Just know, if the lash pad is not secured onto your eyelid, the lash lift process is going to be a struggle.

Step 3 – Adhere your lashes to the silicone pad

Pay attention, folks, because if you slip up here, it’s game over for your glam game. Once you’ve masterfully secured that lash pad onto your lid (pat yourself on the back for that!), it’s time to bust out the adhesive and coat the front of the pad like a boss. Then, grab your trusty Y-shaped tool and start gently coaxing those lashes onto the pad. I just went old-school and used my fingers for this part.

Now, here’s the crucial part: spread your lashes out evenly, ensuring none of them playing hide-and-seek or going off on a wonky tangent. The Y-shaped tool does a nice job of accomplishing this. Take your time with this step, because trust me, it’s the secret sauce to a flawless finish. And don’t be surprised if a few stubborn lashes decide to play hard to get – just dab a bit more adhesive on their tips, and stick them in place to show ’em who’s boss!

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Step 4 – Apply the Perm Lotion

This is where the real magic starts. With one of the applicators, apply the perm lotion to the lashes that are stuck onto the silicone pad. Avoid applying the perm lotion to the tips of the lashes. If any lotion gets on the tips, remove it with a dry cotton swab –we want drama, not disasters! It’s recommended to cover the lashes with clingy wrap so everything stays in place during the 12-15 minute waiting period. Looking back, I wouldn’t leave the lotion on that long. I’d go maybe for 10 minutes tops to avoid over processing. Once time’s up, remove the perm lotion with dry cotton swabs. Needless to saw, during the entire process, cotton swabs are your best friends.

Step 5- Apply the Fix Lotion

Now that your lashes are feeling all chill and relaxed, it’s time to lock in that fabulous new look! Grab your trusty applicator once again and apply the fix lotion just like you did with the perm lotion – but remember, steer clear of those lash tips! Wrap ’em up in cling wrap to keep everything cozy, and let it work its magic for around 10-12 minutes. When time’s up, swoop in with your cotton swab and wipe away the fix lotion like a boss!

Step 6 – Remove the Silicone Pad

Time to bid farewell to that silicone pad! Gently peel it away from your eyelid – easy peasy, right? I mean, let’s be real, it practically leaps off on its own! No need for any tugging or pulling – it’s like saying goodbye to an old friend with zero drama.

Step 7 – Apply the Nourishing Lotion

To restore the condition of your lashes after processing, apply the nourishing lotion. I used a spoolie to brush the lotion through my lashes and I have to say, this lotion made my lashes look a lot healthier. I just wish there was more of the lotion in the kit, because I applied the lotion daily to nourish my lashes and quickly ran out. Later on, I resorted to applying castor oil instead, which also had a nice effect.

Click below to Watch my YouTube video about my Lash Lift at Home

How to Care For Your Lashes After a lash lift at home

Alright, you’ve got those lashes looking fly – now let’s keep ’em that way! Here’s the lowdown on how to show your lashes some serious TLC after using the Luxe Cosmetics Lash Lift Kit:

  1. Keep ’em Dry: Steer clear of any moisture for the next 24-48 hours. No steamy showers, sauna sessions, or sweaty gym seshes – they’re off-limits! Let those lifted lashes set their roots in peace.
  2. Snooze Smart: Try your best to sleep on your back for the next couple of nights. Yeah, I know, easier said than done – especially if you’re a side sleeper like me! But trust me, it’s worth it to avoid any pillow friction drama.
  3. Hands Off! Resist the urge to touch those fab lashes for at least 24 hours. No rubbing, no tugging – just let ’em do their thing without interference.
  4. Oil-Free Zone: Keep any oil-based products, lotions, and shampoos away from your eye area for the next day or two. We’re talking about a VIP zone here, folks – no greasy guests allowed!
  5. Brush, Brush, Brush: Show your lashes some love with daily brushing. I made it a part of my morning and bedtime routine, giving ’em a gentle comb-through to keep ’em in tip-top shape. And at night, a little nourishing lotion treat never hurts!

Pamper those peepers, and your lash lift will stay slaying for days!

What to Expect Immediately and Weeks Later

Once you finish lifting your lashes, you’ll notice an instant difference. Your lashes are pointing up instead of down and if everything went ok, they have a smooth curl to them. I was very skeptical and was sure that after one day, my stubborn lashes would be pointing down again since they never hold a curl for a long time. I’m happy to say that I was wrong. The next day, my lashes were still in their upward pointing state. I retired from using my lash curler for the following weeks because it simply wasn’t necessary.

In the weeks after my DIY lash lift at home, things got a little more difficult. I found that applying eyeliner to my upper lids was difficult, because my lashes were “in the way”. It made filming makeup videos for my YouTube Channel a bit more challenging. I also found that applying mascara was not ideal because it just made my lashes look clumpy. With a lash lift mascara is not needed, but when I’m filming makeup videos, I do show the mascara application. I had to get super creative to make it all look good on camera.

Another thing I noticed in the weeks after the lash lift is that my lashes started to look a bit messy after a while and keeping them looking good, became more of a struggle. They started pointing in different directions, some were super curly, and some must not have been processed sufficiently if at all, because they were pointing down. I’m absolutely not blaming this on the Luxe Cosmetics lash lift kit, but more so at being a newbie at this. Going through this first time lash lift really makes you learn from your mistakes. I’m sure my second lash lift will be much easier and even better.

How to fix lash lift mistakes

When I saw my lashes getting super curly a few weeks after my lash lift, I started researching how to fix them. I found out that it’s safe to repeat the process after about two weeks, because your lashes will have restored some of their strength. I thought it was too soon to go through the whole process again. However, I also discovered that you can try to fix over curled lashes by gently brushing some of the perm lotion on the opposite side of you lashes while your eye is closed. I did this and left the perm lotion on for only 1-2 minutes. After removing the perm lotion, I followed it up with the fix lotion for 1-2 minutes. This really helped reverse some of the curl and actually made my lashes look refreshed.


Woman holding lash lift box

So, here’s the scoop: if you’re on the fence about trying a DIY lash lift at home, I say go for it! Trust me, once you witness those jaw-dropping results, you’ll be hooked. I mean, even after eight weeks when my lashes went back to their normal state, I was low-key mourning the loss of my lifted lashes. And let me tell you, even when they got a tad unruly a few weeks in, they still had that va-va-voom factor that had me feeling like a million bucks.

As for the Luxe Cosmetics Lash Lift kit, I’d recommend using this kit. The instructions included with the kit are thorough and easy to follow which is essential for us lash lift newbies. In addition to the manual, there is even a video you can watch to ensure you understand all the steps.

So, spill the tea, folks: have you taken the plunge with a DIY lash lift at home? Would you dare to try? Share your thoughts below – because in this lash-loving community, sharing is caring!


  1. Wow, the results are great! Your lashes look amazing and thank you for your descriptions because it really helps with seeing what you are talking about when being careful about applying the lash pad, etc.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! DIY lash lifts are a game-changer, and once you see the results, you’ll be hooked. It’s great to hear that the Luxe Cosmetics Lash Lift kit was helpful, especially with its easy-to-follow instructions and video guide. I’m definitely tempted to try it out myself after hearing about your experience. Plus, it’s always nice to share tips and experiences in this lash-loving community. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I keep seeing ads for this product all over my Instagram and have been wondering if I should just get it. You’ve convinced me – the results were gorgeous!

    1. Wowo…. impressive lovely beautiful with the lashes on you. Thanks for sharing your own experience of having the lashes before & after. Looks really nice. Cheers SiennyLovesDrawing

    2. I was skeptical at first. I was so sure my lashes would droop downy after day one…. They didn’t though. Now I’m hooked.

  4. I can tell from your photos that I need to try this! My lashes have always been lackluster, and this looks like it does a great job!

  5. Wow what a difference this makes! I would never have considered a diy lash lift at home before reading this article. You’ve really made it seem doable and the results are great!

  6. I just read your post on Kimberly Worldwide about your first attempt at a lash lift at home, and I must say, it’s both informative and inspiring! Your detailed walkthrough of the process, along with your personal insights and tips, provides valuable guidance for anyone looking to try it themselves. Your candid account of what to expect, including the challenges and successes you encountered, adds authenticity and relatability to the narrative. It’s evident that you approached the experience with both excitement and caution, and your willingness to share both the highs and lows is commendable. By sharing your journey, you’re empowering others to explore DIY beauty treatments while also encouraging them to embrace the learning curve that comes with it. Keep up the fantastic work of sharing your beauty adventures – I’m sure many readers will find your insights helpful and inspiring! 💁‍♀️✨👁️

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. I love writing so hearing you say this means so much. Made me smile (btw… love your name LOL)

  7. This looks like a lengthy process that needs lots of patience, But I guess all good things come with a price and to get such beautiful results it’s worth the effort.

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  9. Oh, that is seriously a cool kit! However, I think that step that you had trouble with would definitely trip me up!

    1. And although that lash pad was a bit of a hassle, I recently gave myself another lash lift. I just love the way it opens my eyes even when not wearing any makeup.

  10. Rosey says:

    They look great. I’ve never worn lashes but I have many students who do and they look great. A lift might be a better idea for me.

  11. pedja says:

    Thanks for trying, and sharing this experience with us. I suppose it’s very helpful for the women population 🙂

  12. This is a really great tutorial on how to do a lash lift at home . You have achieved great results . Looking great.

  13. I have never tried a lash lift – let alone at home. It looks like it is a little on the tricky side, but worth it if you get results that make you feel good. My lashes could do with a bit of oomph!

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  16. Lisa says:

    I would like to try this lash lift at home. Mine are so short and they look so sad and limp! This kit sounds good to me.

    1. The lift on its own makes lashes look longer instantly. I was pleasantly surprised. Go for it! You’ll love it.

  17. Lavanda says:

    I love the step simplicity and the results are gorgeous! I’ll have to get this for my daughter.

  18. The author’s humorous reference to the saying “You don’t know what you had until it’s gone” adds a touch of wit to the narrative, underscoring the disappointment of seeing their lashes return to their natural state. The anticipation for a second round of DIY lash lifting resonates with readers who may have experienced similar beauty trials and tribulations. Overall, it’s a lighthearted and engaging read that navigates the ups and downs of beauty experimentation with authenticity and humor

  19. Tammy says:

    I’ve been seeing these all over Tiktok recently and I’ve been soooo tempted! The difference is unreal! I’m not a fan of false lashes or extensions so I think this is definitely something more for me. Looks fab!

    1. Although lash xtensions look great, they are a lot of upkeep. With a lash lift, that is not the case. It’s super convenient since you’re still dealing with your own lashes.

  20. I honestly have never heard of this sort of thing before – but it really had results!

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    I want to try this łash kit. Steps are pretty easy and I can see the difference.

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