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The Packaging of the Mask

Hi Beauties! I hope you are having a beautiful skin day today, but if not, keep reading because I have discovered MyMasq and cannot wait for you to discover it too. You all know, I am all about skin and keeping it looking healthy, young and fresh. I love trying skincare products, so I can let you know whether they are a yay or a nay. For today’s blog, I want to tell you about MyMasq, which is ideal for that self-care, pamper session that we can all use especially during these unprecedented times.

What is MyMasq?

MyMask ampules in its packaging

The ingredients in MyMasq are a preservative-free. It’s a do-It-Yourself facial treatment that you can make at home whenever you feel your skin needs that little bit of extra love, or simply to maintain the gorgeousness of your skin. What I love about MyMasq is that you can customize it depending on your skin’s needs. One week your skin might feel dull and show fine lines and wrinkles, while another week it might lack hydration. With MyMasq, there is is no need to purchase a separate mask to cover all your skin’s needs. You can simply mix in different water-based liquids to target whatever your skin needs at that moment in time.

How do I Use MyMasq?

An assortment of items used to make a the best mask for your skin

The MyMasq kit comes with seven ampules, which makes for seven applications. To make a facial mask, you simply empty one ampule into a small bowl and add one scoop of water and your favorite mix-in. Mix-ins are ideally all-natural to give your skin that extra boost. They can be any fruits, vegetable or liquid including yoghurt, honey, milk or tea.

Some mix-in inspo:

To help with hydration – mix in cucumber juice

To help with oil control – mix in green tea

To help with tighter skin – mix in egg white

To help with brighter skin – mix in lemon

To help with dark spots – mix in honey

To help with wrinkles – mix in apple juice

After mixing in your desired liquid, apply the mixture to your clean skin. I like using a brush for this, but of course you can also your fingers or a sponge. Relax for 15 minutes, while MyMasq works its magic, and then rinse off the mask with water.

My MyMasq Experience

woman applying the best mask made with MyMasq

When I first heard about MyMasq, I knew I had to try it, because it’s the first time I came across a concept like this where you can mix in all-natural liquids to target different problem areas. I mixed an egg white into MyMasq to help tighten my skin and I must say after rinsing off the mixture, my skin did indeed feel tighter and revived. I also tried a second mask and added salt to the egg-white mixture to create a scrub mask, which worked beautifully. I love how you can get creative with this mask. If you ever decide to have a self-care, pamper party with friends, MyMasq is ideal, because everyone can use different mix-ins to create their own customized mask. In addition to having fun creating the mask, you will also love the after effect. It’s the perfect finishing touch to a wonderful self-care session.

Where Do I Buy MyMasq?

You can purchase MyMasq at For a package with seven applications, it costs $19.99. For more information, you can also check out MyMasq on Facebook or head to the MyMasq Instagram.

Sound off below and let me know if you would try MyMasq and what you think of this mix-in concept. Don’t be shy — remember Sharing is Caring!

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